Come see the awesome foster Danes and meet the Dane Gang at the Boulder Farmer’s Market, 13th and Canyon in Boulder this Saturday from 8-2!

We’ll be there providing information on our Danes, on volunteering for the rescue, and on the exciting upcoming events!

Don’t miss it!



Oh, what fun!

The Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue’s Dane Gang converged on Happy Hounds Daycare and Dog Spa on Saturday with four Danes – fosters Chopper and Rowdy and the always beautiful Valla, belonging to staff masseuse and vet coordinator Meg Wittenmyer, and Rocky, a stunningly handsome “failed foster”* brought by volunteer Michelle.

After a week of clouds, cold and rain, Saturday was obversely bright, warm, and sunny.  The forecast predicted eighty degrees, and the day didn’t fail to deliver.

The Dane Gang was at Happy Hounds to spread the word about the Dane Rescue by providing dogs with a doggie spa day; dog washing, nail trimming, canine massage by the ever-knowledgeable Meg Wittenmyer, as well as a canine intuitive and animal astrologer.  Happy Hounds owner, Olivia, was excited and quite helpful in aiding the rescue with the event, opening her facilities to the rescue to raise money.

People showed up with a plethora of dogs; Danes, border collies, toy poodles…all welcome at the day-spa!

We raised an admirable amount of donations for the day, and found interested adopters for our two fosters, as well as gaining a new and truly appreciative audience of dog owners who praised our efforts.

All in all, it was a fantastic day!  We had a blast!

Special thanks to:

Olivia and her staff at Happy Hounds

Volunteers Meg and Joel Wittenmyer

Volunteer Michelle and Rocky the Dane

Volunteers Frances Scott and Richard Zweitzig and foster Rowdy

Foster mom Erin Hansel for providing Chopper

Volunteer Linda Kolby

Animal Astrologer Tom Parks

Animal Intuitive Val Parks

*a failed foster is a rescued animal that comes into the care of a foster family, the family eventually unable to part with their foster and therefore adopt it.

Melissa, Rocky & EntranceOlivia & early visitorsRocky & RowdyApollo & FamilyChopper & RidgebackChopper

Join us this Saturday for an incredible “spa” day for dogs!  Come meet the RMGDRI Danes and the always-happy DANE GANG!


Visit the all new RESCUE TALES RADIO website and be sure to tune in beginning Sunday, October 18th, 10-11 a.m. MDT and alternating Sundays thereafter, for this exciting new podcast that focuses on canine rescues across the globe.  With interesting and engaging discussions about all things rescue and beyond, RESCUE TALES RADIO is an exciting new addition to the podcast universe!

Our 3rd Annual walk was held yesterday in the stunning environs of Cherry Creek State Park.  We partnered with FOOD BANK OF THE ROCKIES ‘FURRY FRIENDS FOOD DRIVE’ for the event, which was also sponsored by Denver’s legendary KOOL-105 FM.  In spite of the chill in the air (is fall here already?) and the overcast skies at the beginning of the walk, we had a better-than-expected turnout of both humans and dogs!

With 40 participants in this year’s event and 50 dogs of various breeds and sizes, it was truly a sight to behold!  Those Great Danes, so stoic, moving over the landscape was like watching dinosaurs come to life.  RMGDRI raised nearly $2000 at this event (!), and drew lots of attention.  Next year’s promises to be even bigger!


Many organizational changes are bubbling beneath the surface at Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue! Since spring of ’09, the Board has been undertaking a serious restructuring of the rescue and planning for its growth and ultimate success.


Because they’re doing such an amazing job, along with our amazing volunteers, we’re seeing sudden growth in the number of animals that come into our care (most of them because of the economy), and a growth spurt in interest from out-of-state rescues interested in doing business with us.

Part of the rescue’s increased success is the astounding number of outreach programs that are being developed currently through its new marketing arm, not only on an event-by-event basis, but with strong corporate focus as well.

Plus we’re bringing on new volunteers by the boatload!  With our new volunteer outreach program firmly in place, and covering not only the entire state of Colorado, but also Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona and California, the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue is poised for ultimate success!

Check back for more exciting news!